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Buscando por intenet, es decir navegando; uno no puede más que encontrar barcos que sufrieron naufargios literarios. De esta manera me he topado con una nave de cuatro palos, llamada Saragossa, que se hundió en aguas profundas cerca de las islas Cook, allá por 1904.

A continuación se detallan sus características técnicas, sacadas de la página de lars Bruzelius


A four-masted steel barque built in 1902 by Dundee Shipbuilding Co., Dundee, at a cost of £22.700. Dimensions: 8,30×13,17×7,43 meters [289’9"×43’3"×x24’5"] and tonnage: 2503 GRT and 2289 NRT. Rigged with double top and topgallant sails and royal sails.

1902 September 4 Launched at the shipyard of Dundee Shipbuilding Co., Dundee, as Yard No. 137 for J. Hardie & Co., Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 115737. 1902 October 29 - December 10 Sailed from Dundee for Liverpool which port was reached 42 days later due to several mishaps during the voyage. Captain D. Steven, late of the same owner’s fourmasted barque Vimeira anchored for three weeks at Long Hope on October 31 and remained there for three weeks due to westerly winds until he was able to continue on November 20. 1903 January 8 - May 6 Sailed from Liverpool to Sydney in 115 days. 1903 Captain Steven was replaced by Captain Duncan in San Francisco. 1904 July 26 Left Newcastle, NSW, for San Francisco with a cargo of coal. 1904 August 15 Wrecked on Mangaia Island, Cook Islands. All of the crew but two were able to get ashore through the help of lifelines and the islanders.

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pat rizia -

Zaragoza como barco hundiéndose en las aguas ¿del Ebro?, qué metáfora ta ripiosa me ha quedao